Wednesday, March 25, 2020

New Project: Butterflies

Why do I have a butterfly in this post?

I'll tell you.

So with all this craziness going on, that doesn't mean that my creativity has suffered...

all that much.

I mean, with the way my brain is wired(thank you ADD) and my artistic sensibilities, I tend to think in extremes so for a hot minute minute I had Brain Fog and couldn't think of anything except how badly I wanted Julie Andrew to narrate my life cause then everything would be ok.

No joke.

I binged her latest memoir four times in two days because that was the only secular way to calm myself down.

Because--well, you know.

Anyway, with all this social distancing and self-quarantine and all of us trying to stay healthy when I finally did calm down, I wanted to do the thing that makes me feel even better than bingeing Julie Andrews.

I wanted to write.

Trouble was, I had no clue what to write about.

Enter one of my brilliant friends who is also stuck at home and teaching online but is also a playwright like myself.

He posted on Facebook that he wanted to do a virtual version of some of the play-writing classes he's taught as a way for us artists to connect and be productive.

Guess who jumped right on that?

The deal is we write a play in four weeks(like #EndofPlay and all that) but if we want to send him our stuff(assignments) he will give us feedback.

Have I said how much I love feedback, no matter what it is?

Our first assignment? Send him and outline of the play we were going to write.


Remember the Brain Fog I mentioned earlier? Let's just say that I still has dregs of that in the corner of my brain, which meant I had no clue what the heck I was going to write.

Until one o'clock last Friday morning.

I was thinking about how much I love noir.

And how, if I skewed just a couple of things in my life in the right way, my life was kind of in a noir-like situation(or dystopian--but we haven't reached that point yet, knock on wood).

Lots of the media have been using the words "self-quarantine" and "lock-down" and stuff and I thought what if we did go into lock-down?

And what if someone had to sneak out to get something vital without getting caught?

And what if they did get caught and something went really wrong?

And what if after whatever-it-was went really wrong they had to get back to safety before they were caught a second time?

And what if, on top of that, they were dying?

Cue mad scramble across my room to flip open my laptop and start typing like a madwoman.

I had the first draft of that outline typed up in about fifteen minutes.

When I woke up and went back to that outline(after correcting all the so many typos because--you know, lack of sleep and creativity and like that). I started getting names and plot points and my playlist.

The result of which is the basis of my new project, which I will be blogging about for--a bit.

The title of which is: Butterflies.

Cause, really, what else do we have to do?