Friday, July 19, 2019

Lure of the Fox: Sorcha

 Since this is a sequel to "Wolves of Sherwood", some of the characters you already know--if not, just can find out about Tarquin, Declaire, and Malbete here; Jean-Luc here; Cassian here; and Ravenna and Tirzah here.

You know what I really love?

I really love a woman who knows who she is and what she believes in and will stand up for it--even if I don't necessarily agree with her beliefs or methods or whatever. When I was little, my favorite Disney princess was Belle, because she had spunk and attitude and stood up to people who tried to intimidate her--and she was willing to make sacrifices for people she loved.

That's the kind of person Sorcha is.

Sorcha is the older sister of Tirzah Massimo(from Wolves of Sherwood, see link above). Currently, she's being held hostage in Normandy, and she's also caught the eye of Tarquin. And let me tell you, when Sorcha and Tarquin are together, sparks fly!

Sorcha is stubborn, and independent, and knows her own mind. But she also knows that sometimes you have to make really hard choices in order to look out for and protect people you love. Being the writer I am, y'all know that I need a celebrity model who fits this picture in my head. Someone like this:

This is Nathalie Emmanuel--aka Missandei from "Game of Thrones", aka Ramsay from the "Fast and Furious" franchise(7, 8, and 9, to be specific), aka Harriet from "Maze Runner: The Death Cure". This actress--what can I say? She's fierce, she's got a spine of steel, and she's up for anything. She can play defiant, and vulnerable; she can make me cheer and she can make me cry. Which is why she fits Sorcha so well (plus, seeing Robb Stark and Missandei as a couple would make this fangirl really happy).

I'm also in love with Sorcha's soundtrack--especially her theme song. I don't care what anybody says, I loved the new Aladdin adaption, and not just cause my childhood got an (in my opinion) amazing live-action treatment. One of the best parts for me was Jasmine! I bought her new song and listened to it on loop for days! And it's the perfect theme for Sorcha because it fits her journey to a tea!

Sorcha's Theme: "Speechless" by Naomi Scott

There's more to her soundtrack, but it's ridiculously long, so I'm only gonna share the highlights. Such as:

Sorcha on Tarquin: "Bones" by MS MR, "I Still Remember" by Blackamore's Night and "Keep the Streets Empty" by Fever Ray

Sorcha's Hard Choices: "Crash and Burn" by Lifehouse,  "Beggin for Thread" by Banks
and "Breathe" by Fleurie

And as a final intriguing tidbit:

Sorcha and Declan: "Lead Me Into the Night" by the Cardigans