Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Nottingham's Legacy: A Hit Over the Head & A Swan Song

Lauren Willig says in the acknowledgements of one of her books "Some books...hit you over the head and hold you hostage until you give up and write them."

I can absolutely attest that this is true.

Because that's what happened with Nottingham's Legacy.

aka the final play in the Sherwood Cycle.

aka Jean-Luc/Cassian/Ravenna/Tirzah's Swan Song.

Ugh! That hurt so much to write!

(luckily, there's still one more script--the first in the cycle--to write, but that's for later and I digress...)

Lemme start out by saying that I had no idea this play was part of the Sherwood Cycle in the first place.

It was a smattering-of-short-scenes-that-I-wrote-down-in-the-middle-of-summer-like-two-years-ago-just-to-get-my-creative-juices-moving.

(how's that for a project title? 😛) 

And then Oliver(the protagonist, more on him later) said something like "my father, Jean-Luc Scathelocke," and I went

and then as I started to scribble down more notes and scenes and bits of dialogue, it became more and more obvious that this was, in fact, true.

Which meant I had another story to tell

and I got to write more about


and Tirzah,

and Cassian,

and Ravenna,

and Declan(yep, Declan's back!)

And the more I worked on this outline the more my "wait what" turned into this:

(you know, if I was Joey and my Muse was Monica and Chandler)

Cue very excited squealing and jumping up and down(both of the internal and external variety very much like the antics in the clip above, ha ha)

and then I calmed down and started to actually write the thing.

Tidbits of which I will be sharing for the next little bit on this blog.

You're welcome.

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