Friday, July 31, 2020

Nottingham's Legacy: Passive Hero

You know what's really hard about writing this particular script?

(besides the fact that it's the Sherwood Cycle Swan Song and even though there's still one more script to write the series as a whole is basically over😭😭😭)

Oliver is a Passive Hero.


What is a Passive Hero, you ask?

Rocky in "Rocky Balboa".

Or the title character in "Ivanhoe" (he spends half the book and a good deal of the film adaptions suffering blood loss and basically in hiding and immobile).

Even--according to some--Katniss Everdeen(as witnessed by this writing forums thread)

And Cameron in most of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

There is still a character arc, and the character does change; but it's a slow change, and it comes through an almost deus ex machina type of event or events. 

Aka, the story is heavily plot-driven.

Basically, a passive hero is someone who is a pawn of fate. They get dragged through the story because fate demands it; their actions are reactions to an outside force. They complete their "arc" because the plot says they do.

Which still makes a good character (see examples above) it just means that I as a writer need to work harder to make Oliver appealing. 

Not impossible, just challenging.

So that'll be cool. 

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